38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi.. I m 38th week pregnant now... Before one week my baby has gone in the lower part of my belly and i was feeling pressure on vagina. everything was normal. but from this week, i feel my baby is in the upper part of my belly.. and i feel pressure below my breast on my right side.. is it normal??

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Question: I'm 38th week baby's movement continously and also feeling lots of pressure in upper side stomache and feeling like loo
Answer: I do not worry as the baby starts moving down it creates more pressure on the lower abdomen and vagina and you will start feeling uncomfortable and you can also start feeling more urge to urinate because of the pressure felt on the bladder is is completely ok there is nothing to worry
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Question: It's my 5th month going on. I feel pressure on lower side. I feel baby on lower side of belly. And sometimes feel hard belly.
Answer: Hello! There is nothing to worry. It is mainly due to the growing weight of the baby. During 5th month there is considerable increase in the weight of the baby. Hence ,nothing to worry. Take care
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Question: I'm feeling the kicks on right upper and middle part of my belly and i feel the baby hickups on lower left. Does this mean my baby is in optimal position for labor? Please do answer .
Answer: Hello dear. Yes by what you are feeling it seems your baby has already taken the head down position. Infact you can confirm it by observing your belly as when the babies take head down position the belly drops and there is around a 4 finger gap between the baby bump and chest. Hope it helps.
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