35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi...i m 35 week pregnant n there s a single loop of chord around baby neck.is there any chance it will untangle?? doc said nothing but i m very much worried about it.

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Answer: Hello, 25% of babies are born with the cord around their neck one or more times. Most people hear the cord was around the neck and freak out thinking their baby could strangle. The thing we forget is they don't actually breathe inside the womb. They get their oxygen through the cord. The only way it could cause a problem is if the umbilical cord became so compressed that it completely cut off the cord blood flow. Which usually happens when you get labour contractions,, at that time doctors will monitor heart rate of baby, if heart is is dropping during contractions or Baby not able to headdown our doctor will go for cesarean section, if nothing unusual vaginal delivery can be expected. Talk you your doctor.
Answer: Single loop of cord never create any problem Yes there are chances it may unwrap in this case doctor usually monitor fetal heart rate during labour contraction to prevent the fetal distress due to loop of cord, if the fetal heart rate is dropping then your doctor may ask you for C section
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    Priyanka Singh883 days ago

    I heard ki cord ka loop hone se baby k sath kharab ho jata hai..so i got scared..is that true??

Answer: Same in my case.. but that didn't created any problem to me and my baby... There is nothing to worry
Answer: Hi dear same with me but doc says it wont create any problem in delivery
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Question: Hi, my report says single loop of chord around babys neck.m worried. can it be undone??
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Question: Single loop of loose cord around the neck with adequate amniotic fluid will it be a normal delivery?
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