29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi. I'm 28 week pregnant. Im having thyroid problem. Doctor said to me it is only 3 points increased from normal so you have take tablets. After child birth it will be reduce. Can i take the tablets?

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Answer: Any thyroid level exceeding 3 has to be given thyroxine tablets... Otherwise can harm the baby development... Better not to take any chance.... After childbirth hv a regular followup for thyroid level... Mostly it comes down to euthyroid level.
Answer: Mam while in taking thyroid tablets at early morning on empty stomach it makes me very tired. Morning tired ness is causes of thyroid tablets or other causes? Please clear the doubts mam.
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Question: Im 22 yrs old and my weight is 110 kg..doctor said it is compulsory to reduce weight..but never said that you will get Pregnant only if you reduce weight..but im trying myslef to reduce weight..but having TSH OF 7.59 Im having pcod AMH OF 8.75 is there any complications to get pregnant? I have completed 7 months of marriage.
Answer: dear thyroid causes weight gain please follow healthy diet and exercise or atlist walk..... ..first get tsh level normal with medication see a good endocrinologist..they will help u in weight management also.....u can get pregnant dont worry even I had both the things but got pregnant..we need to put extra effort that's it all the best
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Question: Before pregnancy Im take thyroid test... Doctor said if you conceive means you wants to fallow the tablet or otherwise no need... Now I'm 5months I'm fallow the tablet early morning before eating breakfast .. It has 12.5gm ...Doctor said while you stop the tablet you baby will be abnormal im get fear and panic.. So plz tell me the proper reason
Answer: Please continue the thyroid tablet till delivery... The procurement of thyroid would be insufficient to the baby, so thyroid tablet has been prescribed.... Please continue the same which would be safe for the baby.....
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Question: I am 13 weeks pregnant. I am having Thyroid since my birth and I take Eltroxin 100 mcg 2-3 tablets everyday. So will my baby also have thyroid or will baby suffer from this?
Answer: Women with established hypothyroidism should have a TSH test once pregnancy is confirmed, as thyroid hormone requirements increase during pregnancy, often leading to the need to increase the levothyroxine dose. If the TSH is normal, no further monitoring is typically required.  Untreated severe hypothyroidism in the mother can lead to impaired brain development. If hypothyroidism is managed and treated properly, then both mother and baby are likely to be well. The extra medical care that you receive will help you to have a healthy and successful pregnancy. Whether or not your baby will be born with hypothyroidism mainly depends on the cause for hypothyroidism in you. But since you have been born with it and with whatever information you have given me there might be a chance that your baby will have it to.
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