9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi, I m 9 week pregnant & I m facing hairfoll problem,it's that happened?? suggest some good oil

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Answer: yes it is normal..apply coconut oil
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Question: Hi.. i m 9 weeks pregnant and facing constipation problem..
Answer: Hi for constipation follow below things. Eat a fibre-rich diet A high-fibre diet that contains lots of wholegrain cereals, wholemeal bread, lentils, brown rice and fruit and vegetables. This will provide you with roughage to aid your digestion.  Stay hydrated You should drink between eight and 12 glasses of water every day. Not only will this help with your digestion, but will also keep you away from dehydration. Be active Staying active and exercising will help to prevent constipation. Walking. Start each meal with salad or raw vegetables or fruit and try to have some of the following every day: Fresh fruit, such as orange (santara), guava (amrud), sweet lime (mausambi), grapes (angoor), and grapefruit (chakotra).
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