13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, i m 12 week pregnant, i have hair fall problem.. please give some advice

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Answer: Hello.. Dear in in pregnancy,hairfall is normal, many hair will go to resting phase, so follow these remedies... Have a nutritious diet with lot of fruits and vegetables, dryfruits, can include curry leaves in diet Drink more water Don't skip folic acid, calcium tablet You can also use homemade herbal oil, can also use a pack of greengram, it is protein rich, will help in preventing hairfall
Answer: Use 1 onion water, 2spoon aleovera gel and 1 vitamin e capsule.. mix and massage in scalp... After 1 hour wash your head...do same for 1 month.... Also use mamaearth argan hair mask.. repair damage and dull hairs.. reduce hair fall.. As per my experience it is very effective..
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Question: Hi I have endometriosis that why I couldn't fall pregnant..give me some advice please
Answer: Stay relaxed and don't think of it. Automatically things will happen. Will keep u in my prayers dear. Wish u good luck
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Question: I am 12 weeks pregnant and I have severe gastric problem. Please advice some remedy
Answer: Hello dear... Gastric can caused due to acid indigestion in stomach, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Sleep with elevated pillow Have 5-6 small meal Drink more water, buttermilk You can also have cumin water will be helpful Avoid oil, spicy, gas related foods
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Question: U had so much hair fall pls give some advice to take care of my hair
Answer: Hello... Dear hairfall after delivery is normal,it happens due to harmonal changes, stress, dehydration, so follow these remedies... Have a nutrious diet, with lot of fruits and veggies, include curry leaves in your diet Don't skip folic acid tablet Have a handful of dryfruits daily You can use homemade herbal oil, will control hairfall, and can make hairpack made of green gram ,weekly once,will give you thick hair
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