34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi I m 34 week pregnant..I am feeling babies frequent hiccups type movement alteast 3 times a day and 4 times in night..what does it mean....my baby has a single loop wrap around a neck.....I m really worried..can't even sleep... please help...is it normal??????

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Answer: no need to worry its normal. all baby take hiccups some have strong and 3 to 5 times. single loop is not a problem double loop is risky. 75 % babies are born with single loop but keep a track on baby's movements as in make sure there are regular movements.
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    shweta bagga1328 days ago

    thank u so much

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Question: Single loop of cord around the neck. What does it mean? Is there any problem, pls suggest me.
Answer: Hi Dear, Generally most pregnancy ladies has single vein and two arteries in umblical cord. These arteries carries deoxygenated blood from foetus to placenta. But you have single vein and single artery, it doesn't affect baby growth and development. Rare cases it has risk for baby heart rate. So take precautions advised by doctors and do repeat scans to find baby development. Don't get panic, your baby will be safe.
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Question: Single loop of umbilical cord is seen around the neck... What does it mean... And Ian's there anything to worry
Answer: no dear,its absolutely normal..infect most of pregnancy have this problem..when the baby starts moving around uterus.,it is a normal thing to entangle wid a single or double loop..when bby again move it is quite possible he will come out from it..so there is nothing about to worry n u dont have to do anything..he will manage this by himself..so enjoy..tc
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Question: Single loop of umbilical cord is seen around the neck ...what does it mean... And is there anything to worry...
Answer: It means the baby's neck is wrapped with the umbilical cord (hvng one round of it on neck) at this moment it's not the point to worry about, because the baby at this moment initially starting its growth in a pattern and with the movements or rotations inside they itself will remove this cord from the neck.
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