14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi I'm 13+ week pregnant and have small stomach worms ..how to treat them

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Answer: Strictly with medications..depending on which parasite it is...
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Question: How to treat stomch worms during pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, Albendazole is used to treat helminth in the pregnancy as well as in babies. Its ok to get parasute infection during pregnancy . If you are suffering from stomach worm infection its always better to consult your doctor for proper medication.
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Question: hi madam I'm 13 week pregnant but right side in a babble nd small pain in stomach
Answer: Hello Congratulations Dear As your uterus grows, the ligaments that support it are pulled and stretched. This can cause dull or sharp pains on either side of your belly...Bend toward the pain to help relieve it. It could be gas but it also could be ligaments stretching hang in there it will be ok..I had the same problem in my first pregnancy.I recommend u to that if pain continues or the pain gets severe please call your Doctor. If the pain is severe then it also could be ectopic pregnancy. Talk to your Dr about these two things(Bubbles and Abdominal pain). It's not necessary that u had a pain just because of Ectopic pregnancy u should consult ur Doctor.. Good Luck
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Question: Hi my baby is having small red spots on cheeks and chin.please suggest how to treat them?
Answer: Hi dear,don't worry I'm giving u some home remedies...u can use baking soda by adding 1part of it with 3 part of water and apply it on affected area...use olive oil with honey massage will also help u....Boil some neem leaves ,strain the extract then soak a cotton ball and apply it on affected part.May it will help u,Take care.
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