17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, I'm 17 th week pregnant...full back Pain osthundi ala vosthe problem em ledha? Face kuda black ga avthundi so endku ala.... Elanti precautions tiskovali please give me reply...

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Answer: Don't worry sis....back pain is normal pregnancy....enka body lo Kuda changes vasthai....edi winter season kadha...so me face black avuthundi... try to moisture ur face with vasiline
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Question: Hi mam, I'm 17 th week pregnant...full back pain osthundi face kuda black ga ayindi..so dini valla emyna problem ha.. back pain thaggadaniki em cheyali...is it safe or not... please give me reply ... please..
Answer: Hi Dear! Pregnancy causes a lot of stretching and loosening of muscle, the growing uterus pushes al other internal organs hence a little bit of pain here and there is normal, as far as the leg cramps r concerned its becausr of the back, the back supports the weight of the body and due to growing weight the lower back as well as leg keeps cramping or aching, there is not much you can do about except put a warm bag at the lower back, walk daily, correcting postures, sitting with a lot of back support like sitting pillows or cushions etc., keep wiggling the toes to help in good blood circulation, a light massage from knees to feet can help and above all keeping the body hydrated is also very important.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi dear.. I'm 20 th week pregnant... thyroid problem unte pregnancy lo emyna problem ha...elanti precautions tiskovali... please reply
Answer: Hllo dear u r 20 weeks pregnant If u r suffreing wit thyroid then consult ur dr and take thyroid medicine regularly.. U should go 4 walk daily for 15 to 30 min..twice a day... try these remedies also... Take 2 spoon of coconut oil &mix it wit a glass of milk and drink it in night before bed time.., -Vit A s very useful to treating thyroid. ..add vit A rich eggs &carrorts in ur diet..,All B complex Vit are effective to increase thyriod glands..,Take Vit D rich food as Fatty Fish..Orange..Soy milk ..cheese...egg yolk.., Add all salads in.ur diet .as cucumber ..kakri ..carrort etc..,Avoid Calliflower Cabbage Brocoli ..it contains natural chemicals called Goitrogens that can interfere wit thyroid harmone synthesis..
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Question: Hi mam I'm 13 weeks 3 days pregnant...e roju TT injection veyinchukunnanu....e roju stomach lo lyt ga pain osthundi endku ala please give me answer mam..
Answer: Hi,there are many reasons for stomach pain.heat also causes stomach pain .take food in correct time.
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