15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I'm Sneha I'm 15 week pregnant now,in 14 week just one time I saw some red bleeding I immediately showen doctor & doctor gave me hcg injection from there I'm not seen any bleeding & doctor suggested me to take some rest but taking complete rest I'm having pains in body can I start doing some House work please tell me

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Answer: Plz avoid sex.and have some rest infect doc say sex ka poch lyn.or placenta ka bi agr nechy to have much rest
Answer: Hi, be slow in house hold work try to take bteak and do rest in bwtween. Dont worry. Everything will be fine
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Question: Hello mam.. I'm 7week 5 days pregnant...i started bleeding dan after i consult my doctor they suggested me some injections and complete bed rest.. should i have to do complete bed rest is it necessary
Answer: Hi dear, If the bleeding is too much and since the viability of your pregnancy is not been done yet like detecting baby's heartbeat ,then b d rest is what I would suggest too.continue taking the injections,that is to sustain the pregnancy.wish you all the best!
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Question: I'm 9th week pregnant.. ihave saw spotting at last night..and i immediately took hcg injection under doctor advise..is it safe...or can i take any other precautions..plz tell me..
Answer: Yes it is absolutely normal to have little bit of spotting during early pregnancy it can be due to the hormonal changes, it sometimes coincide with the periods, can be the implantation bleeding But no worries about this since you met your doctor so everything must be fine Take rest and continue your progesterone medicine
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Question: Hai..today i just saw some 2 drops white creamy spotting ..is it normal???i was doing little house work..i feel nervous
Answer: If discharge is creamy white dan it's ok but if the vaginal discharge is green or yellowish, strong smelling, and/or accompanied by redness or itching, you may have a vaginal infection. One of the most common vaginal infections during pregnancy is candidiasis, also known as a yeast infection.
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