25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi I'm 24 pregnant I'm having terrible pain just below my right side breast as if needle is poking sharp pain, I had consulted my doctor last week doctor said like it is because of wearing bra where as I don't wear bra for last 8days.. I need help please

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Answer: i hv also same problm,dr said it just for gastic problm so dont worry try penwell oil keep gentle massage at night
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Question: Hi ma'am, I'm working women as I'm sixth month pregnant getting sevier pain under right side ribs just below the chest please advise if it is critical
Answer: Hello dear Rib pain during pregnancy is caused by pressure from the top of your growing uterus, as well as your baby kicking or punching the area. Tips to get relief from rib pain: 1. Make yourself as comfortable as possible by wearing loose fitting clothes 2. Support yourself with cushions when lying down 3. Sit up straight and create more room, while supporting your back 4. Avoid sitting down for too long every two hours get up and take a stretch break or short walk 5. Heat packs or cold packs whatever works best for you 6. Take a nice hot shower on your back 7. Exercises that help you stretch out and support your body 8. Cut out inflammation causing foods which can make you feel worse i. e sugar and grains. Reducing these two will also significantly reduce your risk of gestational diabetes.
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Question: I'm 22 week preg. There is unbearable pain on right side above the stomach and below Breast kindly suggest ...i consulted 2 of doctors. They said it's normal ....but the pain is unbearable wt should I do
Answer: Hi congrats, As your doc said yes it is normal during pregnancy...try sleeping on your left side and keep a pillow...also u can pillow In-between Ur leg...which can comfort you...sit up slowly and take deep breaths, drink water, try walking slowly.... meditation, listen to soft music, read a book, try to divert you attention and mind I know it hurts a lot avoid taking pain killers as it's very harmful and don't take any medication without consulting...I used to do this when I was pregnant...try it can help soothe u as well...take.care☺👍
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Question: Since yesterday offen am facing sharp pain at right side breast.... Do i need to contact doctor for this
Answer: No dear nothing to worry.. it is because of milk formation.. pour warm water or use hot water bag on breasts...it will be fine
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