25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. I'm 24weeks pregnant. I had a tiffa scan today. And my doctor said that babys face is not fully formed and brain is not developed yet. Is there any risk? Please explain in detail.

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Answer: Im not expert in this...but according to my husband who is a doctor... in 24 weeks the baby's major organs should be formed and must be in the developing stages...may God be with u..take care dear...
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Question: I'm now at 37th week 3 days. Doctor had said baby didn't came down yet. Is there any risk in it
Answer: Don't worry dear. If the babys in cepahalic position and baby not dropped it will happen when the delivery pain starts. If there's no labour pains then also no problem.because doctor will induce pain and normal delivery will happen
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Question: I'm 5weak 4days pregnant today finished my first scan doctor said heart beat not started any problem is there
Answer: Hi dear, Nothing to worry.as you still have 4 weeks time to detect baby heart beat.i got my baby heart beat at 8 th week.
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Question: I'm in my 5th month and a week ago I underwent a Tiffa scan for chromosal abnormalities. The doctor noticed prominent vertebrae in brain. She said to visit again by 21st Nov. Usually 6 chambers are formed during this week but my baby has developed 9. Is there something that I need to be worried about?
Answer: Can I get a reply on this
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