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Question: Hi.. I'm on my 8th week 4 days now.... Today there was little bleeding... Is that normal...

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Answer: Hi,yes this could be due to implantation bleeding which happens when fertilized egg implants itself to the lining of the uterus.hiwevwr to be on the safer side .
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Question: Hi today there was little bleeding in my nose. But it stopped soon .why is that so?
Answer: if you have blown your nose very hardly it is possible to get little bleeding there is nothing to worry you can put something or the nasal drops which is the safest think avoid taking steps
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Question: Hi, I'm on 6th week pregnant. I got little bleeding. Is that serious?
Answer: Consult ur doctr immediate. She will give u injections or medicine to prevent further bleeding. And also she wil do ultrasound to check baby's heart beats.
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Question: hi. . . I got delivered on 27th Dec.. bleeding was there for 15 days. . now today I have bleeding again.. is this normal. should I have to meet gynaecologist.
Answer: It is absolutely normal. I have same problem bleeding about 1 month amd after 2 days again bleeding starts.. gynec told me it was normal. nothing tp worry.
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Question: I'm in 8th week of pregnancy.... just now i was on journey.....and light bleeding started.. is it confirmed that i Lost my baby???¿
Answer: Hie Spotting is common during first trimester as the embryo implants on the lining of your uterus Don't worry there is nothing to bother about it Give your body rest as much as you can  Eat healthy and take good care of yourself However if there is a flow then it would be best to consult your gynaclogist regarding this so that she could examine and know the cause and suggest treatment if needed
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