8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I'm on 8th week of pregnancy I had symptoms like nausea and dizziness but today I'm feeling completely normal. Does anything wrong with pregnancy

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Answer: No it happens. It returns again back after somedays
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Question: Feeling dizziness , like cant stand fr long , sleepy and nausea .. Is this normal in 12 th week of pregnancy.
Answer: Hello dear, it is absolutely normal to feel nauseous and tired in early stages of pregnancy. Do not worry about it. Just take enough rest, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and timely take your prenatal supplements. Eat small meals throughout the day. It will help you manage nausea and tiredness. Drink ginger honey water to prevent vomiting. Avoid long sittings or strenuous activities. If your symptoms are severe you can contact your doctor for help. Otherwise it is very common to feel these things.
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Question: I m 7 weeks pregnant but i have not any pregnancy symptoms like nausea vomitting dizziness
Answer: It's not necessary u have nausea and vomiting.thank god u don't suffer from these problem.eat healthy and be happy.ready good books and take spl care during first 3 month of pregnancy. Happy parenting!!
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Question: Iam entering 7tg week pregnancy.. i had nausea and giddiness.. all of a sudden today morning i don feel any nausea or giddiness .is tgr anything wrong
Answer: Nothing wrong.. vomiting might stop at any point of your pregnancy time..
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