8 months old baby

Question: Hi I'm mother of 6month old baby. After delivery 4th month i got my first periods. But next month it delayed by 10 days and in next month also 10 days late. And this month more than 10days still not happened. Im bit worried.is this happend due to c section delivery? Plz reply me

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Answer: Nothing like this... It's totally depends on hormones... Same with me getting period 7 10 days late all time
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Question: Is it normal to have irregular periods after delivery? It is late by more than 10 days.. Is there any suggestion to regulate...I have 8th month baby..
Answer: hi dear! by 6 months your periods should come back to normal dear. and if at 8 months you are experiencing irregular periods then you should meet your gyanc once dear . also if you are still breastfeeding the baby then it can be due to the prolactin levels also when you are breastfeeding , high prolactin levels wont allow ovulation to take place and therefore no periods dear. so do visit your doctor once to be sure that there is no problem and with tablet you can have your periods after stopping the tablet. take care dear.
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Question: My periods came 10 days late and I am planning for baby, Will it be ok if I plan this month or I should wait for next cycle.
Answer: Hie You can try this month as well however I this the first time you had irregular period or it happens often If it happens often then it is best to consult a gynaecologist who can help you conceive faster with proper guidance
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Question: I had first c section more than 5 years ago due to pain was not coming. What is the chances of normal delivery this time.
Answer: Hi dear, u can try for normal as these are last minute consequences includes baby weight , cord looping, dilation, head diameter of baby and position of baby also uv been telling before also cu of no pain. U had c sec . So u can always try for normal. All the best there are definitely chances.
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