8 months old baby

Question: Hi I'm Mother of 7months old baby girl .she is completely on breastfeed and suddenly I got my period yesterday and my milk supply got reduced due to this she is suffering a lot. Can you suggest ?

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Answer: Yes I can understand your issue because once you get period your breast milk production reduces but have proper meal have a plenty of water take milk with Shatavari powder jeera water masoor dal papaya they will help you in increasing your breast milk production
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    Freckilton Manukonda230 days ago

    Thank you and should I give my baby formula??

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    Amreen Naaz230 days ago

    Yes..go for lactogen

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Question: I'm a mother of twin girls and I'm unable to breastfeed them due to very low milk supply pls need ur valuable tips and advice
Answer: Hi dear...hope ur baby is doing well..Do try for bm and eat lots of leafy vegetables, drink milk with shatavari, take lactation medicine. But if u feel babies are not getting sufficient please feed baby with formula milk. Make sure babies are not hungry, in the attempt to increase bm don't forget that it's as important to keep the baby full. Take care
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Question: My baby is 6 months 10 days old. Suddenly my milk supply got reduced. I'm exclusively pumping. Is the sudden drop normal at this stage?
Answer: It could be due to various reason like if the frequency of feeds have reduced. Body produces milk only as much is demanded by the baby. So if the baby reduces the feed production slows down Second could be your diet. If there are some changes in your diet then also production can reduce. Ensure you are taking proper meals alongwith dry fruits and milk on regular basis. Third, if you are going through any emotional or physical stress then also production gets affected.
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Question: Im a mother to a baby girl. She was born on 1.03.2019. she is 19 days old only. Im nt able to breastfeed her because of low milk supply. What should i do to increase the milk supply?
Answer: Add jeera in your diet. It's proven to increase the milk supply.
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