Few days old baby

Question: Hi.. I'm mother of 2 months old baby. I had a prblm of breast milk leaking & having irritation eve after using breast pads. normally after how many days this get control. Pls give me reply..

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Answer: Is your baby latching properly for feed. Hope her stomach gets fill. If you are leaking it is a probability that your baby is not taking milk properly. If all of this is ot a case then may be your milk production is good. Try to express milk and store or you can donate to another women who can't breastfeed by any reason.
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Question: I'm a mother of 1 month baby and I'm having pain in breast.. is this normal? is this due to wearing bra.? bcz I'm using pads to prevent leakage of milk.
Answer: Its normal Apply rest breastmilk on nipples after feeding the baby Use loose bra
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