21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, I m 5 months pregnant n I am told not to do many exercises else I will have early delivery

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Answer: So stop exercising
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Question: Hi, I am 5 months pregnant. Many people told me not to do eyebrows threading. Is it ok to do threading?
Answer: Dear it is absolutely fine to do threading during pregnancy. These are myths and are not true at all. Though ur skin is more sensitive during pregnancy so you may feel more pain as compared to earlier. Hope it helps.
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Question: My lmp is 31/5/18 how many months pregnant am i. In how many weekz will expect delivery
Answer: Hello! Currently you are 36 weeks pregnant and this is the last week of the 8th month. As for delivery, it is difficult to say as every pregnancy is different and it differs in each case. Ideally after 37 weeks it can take place anytime. Take care
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Question: Hai .. i am 38 week pregnant ... Doctor told my baby head is not fixed yet... Will i have normal delivery.... Any exercises is there for normal delivery
Answer: Hello dear To Move baby to head down position is to get into a hands-and-knees position, an elbows-and-knees position. Spend some time in this position for a few times per day. But consult ur doctor before performing any exercise.
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