13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi i m 3 months pregnant and i m facing spotting issues. i m taking regular medicines and advised injections on time. the doc has told me that my placenta is weak. pls suggest what to do

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Question: Doc told me the reason on bleeding is that the placenta has moved downward? What would be the complications here? Is it worrisome for future days?
Answer: It is known as subchorionic Hematoma No need to worry about this it is very common, and continue taking progesterone tablets Take good bed rest, avoid excessive bending and any other physical exertion Gradually with time it will absorb automatically Then get ultrasonography know to know the changes
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Question: I m facing problem in pregnancy.... Actually I wanna ask you that I have to do sex on regular basis???
Answer: Hii ovalation occur halfway through ur mensuration Cycle. The average cycle last 28 days . Counting from 1dt day of one period to the first day of next period.but there is a wide range of normal when it comes to menstrual cycles. It may be possible mensuration Cycle vary from 23 to 35 days. And even mensuration Cycle vary every month. U can make a mensuration calendar. For few months and then u can get an idea. If u have a irregular period then u can check if u have thick mucus discharge coming for few days, if u r having cramping as these symptoms are common during ovalation. Also best way to know is to check in the ovalation kit. It is really helpful to detect the exact date of ovalation. 
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Question: Hi I m 7 months pregnant ,I m facing difficulty in taking calcium n iron tablets so pls suggest
Answer: Some facing difficulties to take iron , calcium,they get vomit it,even I was facing the same so eat calcium and iron tab at night after having my dinner and go to sleep so this way I didn't get vomit
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Question: Hi i hve pcod doc advised me 3 mo ths medicines course can i conceive during my 3 months course plz suggest
Answer: Dear the chances of pregnancy increase during and after medicine because it will help produce more female hormones which are required for pregnancy. So just relax and take your medicine on time..
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