16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i m 3.5 month pregnant ....bcz of last time miscarriage dr. Suggest me to take steach now ...is it safe and will it make pain?

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Answer: u mean cervical stich??...if it is..not to worry..its soo safe...
Answer: Aene lidha pachhi pain rese?
Answer: Yas
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Question: Hi.. Am 7 week pregnant and I had miscarriage last year... What all precautions I have to take this time... Am afraid of miscarriage again
Answer: Hi dear congrats. Don't worry. For what reason you had miscarriage last time - if you know then it would be better. Don't get tensed, stressed, strained, don't lift weight, try to relax and take rest as much as possible, don't travel more and avoid crowded and rough roads. Have a healthy diet, avoid papaya and pineapples. Don't worry, try to be happy. Hope this will help. Take care
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Question: Hi I m 6 weeks pregnant and doctor suggest me to take cor 3 tablet....is it safe
Answer: hi dear! so cor 3 is a folic acid tablet. and it has to be taken through out the pregnancy dear. also it is safe in pregnancy not a problem. folic acid prevents any neural tube defect ( defects of the brain and spinal cord). so to take this is very important. take care! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: Hi everyone, i m 8th month pregnant. My Dr. Suggest me to take swinflew injection. Is it necessary?
Answer: Hello! If you are in the area or near to such areas which is affected by swine flu then chances are there you might get affected. Hence as a protection, it is better to get the swine flu injection. Take care
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