15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi. I m loosing weight frequently. During the starting of pregnancy i was 54 but now I become 50. Along with my by is 110/60

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Answer: Hii it happenes with many moms. Dont worry hv a healthy diet.
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Question: Hi during the first month of pregnancy I was in 54 kg weight. And now in 9month my weight is 60kg only. Is this okay?.
Answer: Hey good to know u r in 9 th month of pregnancy. Now u r very close to meet ur baby. See dear. It is not necessary u should gain specific weight. If ur BMI is fine and ur baby growth is perfect then nothing to worry . Do take healthy diet which is more important.take care
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Question: I am 5 feet tall and my weight during initial stage of pregnancy was 54. Now I'm 60 kgs. Is i
Answer: It is ok... You should gain only 2 kgs in a month and you are doing well
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Question: My weight during pre pregnancy was 46kgs now i am in my starting stage of 3rd trimester (starting of 7th month) and my weight is 54 is it good or not?? What should be my weight according to you??
Answer: Good, in total pregnancy u may gain 12-15 kgs is good
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