21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i m in 19 weeks pregnant .. I have single umbilical artery in anamoly ... Is it ok .. Is there any problems with these.

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Answer: Do not worry. About 50% of women face this and are absolutely normal. Weekly scan after 30th week is important to understand the growth of your baby. If at all any renal problem is seen in usg your Dr will help you with proper medicinal backup. Do not worry. Be vigilant if you see swelling in any of your legs, arms and on the face. Report immediately if you see swelling or feel dizziness entire day. Take care.
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Question: Hi im 19 weeks pregnant. Today i had anomaly scan. In reports its written foetus has two vessels umbilical cord with single umbilical artery. What does that mean
Answer: Hello! There is nothing to be worried about it. It is normal and there are no risks involved in it. Just get your sugar levels checked to be on the safe side. Take care
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Question: If i have single artery umbilical cord??any problem?
Answer: Your baby is likely to be fine. Having only one artery, called a single umbilical artery (SUA), shouldn't affect his health. Usually, an umbilical cord has two arteries, along with a single vein. The vein carries oxygen and nutrients to your baby, and the arteries remove waste products
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Question: Is there any problem if have single umbilical artery
Answer: Hi dear, Single umbilical artery is most of the time is not an issue.i had it too and post delivery my baby was prescribed renal scan.it came normal and she's absolutely fine.now she's 5 years with no issue.
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