27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi , I'm in 26th week , sometimes my baby movements sometimes very active but sometimes there's no movements at ..... Is there any problem with that

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Answer: Hllo dear u r 26 weeks pregnant dear dear some times mumma feels less moments. In walking position baby gets enough space tgats why mumma feels less movement .if u don't feel any movement from.last 4 5 hours .lay down on bed on left side close ur eyes nd make consantrate on stomach u feels movement. In lying position baby gets less space thats why he moves more in lying position .if u r not feeling moment in lying position consult to ur gyno.
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Question: Hi, Im n my 7th month now.. Last 4 days I'm feeling very light movements..! B4 that my baby was very active.. Is there any pbm pls tell?
Answer: Hi Just drink plenty of water and sleep turning left baby ll get good blood flow and make movements do observe if you get good movements then baby is normal else you can do a consultation with doctor...
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Question: Im 37week pregnant , my baby is very active but today im not feeling much movements , is there any problem
Answer: hi mum not feeling movement for review our own create any problem this might be because the baby would be sleeping so I don't need to worry about that take hot milk or hot tea and sleep on your left side I am sure you can feel the moment because when I was pregnant I used to get this problem of fun and doctors advise me to follow this whenever I don't feel the baby is moment so you could also try this hope this will
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Question: Hi, I don't understand any baby movements on some days. As doctor has asked me to monitor the movements, sometimes there's no movement. Is that normal?
Answer: Hi having 10 movement in 2 hours is fine. If more then no issue. If less then have a glass of cold juice and try to monitor. U will get the baby movement. If not then consult the doctor without waiting.
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