25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi, I'm In 36th week of pregnancy... But my doctor suggested that I hv less blood levels, I. e 8 ...they said to admit n take blood is that really needed.. If it can covered by taking healthy food plz suggest me???

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Answer: Yes dear eat iron rich food green veg like spinach and pomegranate juice if u can get chukandar then drink it's juice and eat kiwi all this will help u to gain blood I mean to increase blood then there is no need to take blood bottle .But drink home made juice .
Answer: Hello! You are already in 36 weeks and the blood level is really low. Please go as your doctor has suggested. It cannot be covered by food itself at this stage. Take care
Answer: Yes take iron frm injectn it wrks faster to gain blood
Answer: If dr suggested it's ok
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Question: Doctor said My blood levels is low and suggested me to have a blood transfusion.. Am really tensed! I don't want any transfusion.. How Can I recover my blood ,is this a big problem for baby? Please reply
Answer: Hi dear, Are you talking about hoemoglobin or platelets ? Blood levels low could mean anything.i am not sure how low are they that doctor has asked you for blood transfusion.please let us know the actual report,only then we can answer specifically.
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Question: Hello! I'm 37week pregnant my doctor suggested to take blood doses.. As I'm hvg less blood levels 8pts... Is that necessary at this time to take blood r else it can be covered by food n iron injections
Answer: Dear if your hemoglobin is less than 8 or it is 8 then you will need iron injections as of now because you will be preparing for delivery in coming 2 weeks and at that time iron will be very much needed because at delivery time a lot of blood is lost and if you do not have a good hemoglobin level you may undergo ischemic shock your body will not be able to cope up the stress so I will recommend you that you must take the iron shots as they will be very beneficial at the time of delivery and you will be able to deliver properly but if you do not take this shots and you rely on food iron only then you might not even reach up to 8.5 so it is very important that you consider the advice
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Question: I'm taking IVF treatment after egg transfer blood test positive what kind of life style I can follow like food. Doctor suggested to take complete bedrest
Answer: Hi! If the Dr. has suggested bed rest pls follow that have healthy food which should include fruits vegetables fish chicken mutton eggs nuts seeds diff pulses etc.so that the nutrition you get is balanced and also follow the app notification and suggestions on food.. Good luck!
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