30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I'm in 8 th month starting... Initially I will be feeling baby's movements little lite and not more often but now for the past 2 days I could feel more movements and couldn't sleep at nit.. I don't know whether it is normal in the 8 th month starting.. I'm little confused and scared.. Pls help me with your answers..

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Answer: its alll normal,feel it and enjoy the movement because they never happends again aftr birth
Answer: Dear I feel the same In my 8th month starting...it is normal don't panic
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Question: I'm on the 6 month nowadays I get sweat more often with Little work
Answer: Hello!! It is normal because during Pregnancy one feels more hot and a result there is sweat and tiredness. During this period there are lot of things going in the body so it is normal to have more heat, don't worry and make sure you have plenty of water to stay hydrated. Take care
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Question: I m in my 6 th month... Don't feel the movements and kicks..
Answer: Hi dear if this is your first pregnancy then you can start feeling your baby kicks anytime in between 19 to 25 week of pregnancy since you are running in your 23rd week of pregnancy it's quite normal to not feel your baby kicks now so don't worry just wait for one or two more weeks and you will start feeling it.
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Question: I'm 8 th month starting. I feel so tired and sleepy. I s it normal?
Answer: Hello dear, the hormonal changes at this time can make you feel tired and sleepy...you may feel tired also because of the extra weight you're carrying... Make sure you get plenty of rest... This is common and there's no need to worry..
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Question: Hi mam, I'm 37 weeks pregnant I'm having more baby movements often I'm getting kicks.. I'm experiencing more and more baby movements since this is my second child.. Plz say me whether it's normal r not... Very often I'm getting kicks both in day and night do plz answer me
Answer: Hie Yes dear it is normal decrease in movements is something you should worry about Increase in movements is good that means you have a hyper active kid Be prepared to entertain him Baby's movements vary like us they are at times full of energy mostly when you have some thing sweet and sometimes comparatively low In both cases monitor your baby's movements every 3 hour
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