14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, i m in my 13th week of pregnancy and feeling very exhausted all the day. Dont feel like eating and just want to sleep. How can i make myself active.

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Answer: Hi dear, As your body is constantly changing and burning lots of calories to support your pregnancy, it's normal to feel exhausted and tired. It's necessary that you eat something at every 2hours. Also drink lots of water and rest well. First trimester is a crucial time proper care is needed for your baby’s development. meal plan- 1. A glass of milk regularly. 2. Bowl of seasonal fruits 3. Bowl of salads 4. Chapatis 5. Bowl of different types of pulses 6. Fibre rich foods like oats, pomegranate with seeds etc 7. Bowl of veggies 8. Iron and calcium rich diet 9. Avoid ajinomoto 10. No Gassy foods 11. Drink plenty of water 12. Include curd, buttermilk and fennel seeds 13. Avoid aerated and caffeinated drinks 14. Dry Fruits
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Question: Hello. I dont feel fresh and happy. Its just that i want to sleep throughout the day. Dont feel like talking to anyone. Dont feel like going out anywhere. Is it all normal?
Answer: Yes dear there are so many changes going inside your body during pregnancy due to hormonal changes it is absolutely fine to feel like that. Just make sure to have lots of water during the day, eat more of fruits whenever you feel loss of energy and take a nap during the day that would make you feel better. Hope it helps.
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Question: I m 6 week pregnant and i feel sleepy all the time.. i can sleep anytime of the day but not at night. And always feel like vomiting
Answer: It's usual it will be continued til 3 months u can take enough rest if u read more books u will get sleep at night if u are with ur husband speak to him by going for a walk it will make u relaxed and feel normal because I did the same hope it will help u too
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Question: Feel irritated and depressed all the time its eight month of pregnancy and i dont feel like eating...
Answer: It is natural dear..... It happens to many mothers..try eating the things you like eat whatever is in your mind or no matter when you're eating.. The thing is you have to eat for the growth n health of your baby inside you.. N for depression n irritation you can read books go out for dinner wid husband try to stay happy
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