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Question: Hi, I'm in my 6th week of pregnancy according to a pregnancy calculator. LMP is July 30, 2018. Tested positive on September 2nd. Consulted gyn on September 3rd and she put me on some weekly injections and daily oral progesterone capsules as i had mild cramps that week and i have a history of miscarriage. I have hypothyroidism too. Today, I saw little pink-tinged mucous threads like vaginal discharge when I used washroom. I'm concerned. Please help me. Is this normal at this stage.

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Answer: You should contact your doctor immediately considering your history. It is best to get checked and get confirmation rather assuming. Take care
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Question: I am 6 week 4 day pregnant and its my first pregnancy. I consulted doctor during 5week 3 days, Doctor suggested to take these two tablets for a month 1.progesterone soft gelatin capsules 2. Soft Gelatin Capsules of Folic Acid, DHA, Pyridoxine. Can you please tell me if these are recommended and safe in this period?
Answer: Yes my dear.those 2 tablers r very imp in this stage of pregnancy...one is harmonal tablet n folic acid is for ur baby's grow.take those tablets daily as by ur doctors priscription.
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Question: As per ovulation calculator today is my Ovulation day.. Last period was on september 6th and we had sex 2 times after before ovulation day.. After having intercourse next day saw a red spotting and then stopped it continued for 3 days and today morning saw little bleeding is this is my periods?
Answer: May be itz implantation bleeding..wait for positive result
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Question: I had a pregnancy test on 5th day of my periods this month and saw one darkline and one light pink line. I did my beta hcg test also it came negative. Why did pregnancy test showed light pink line?
Answer: Dear the pregnancy test showing light pink means you are in early stages of pregnancy. You took the test a bit early usually it is recommended to test pregnancy after 7 days of missing periods. Beta hcg if above 25 means positive so repeat the urine teat after a week and once the line is darker repeat the beta hcg test. Hope it helps.
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