7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi... I m in 7th week.. Today morning little bleeding was thr.. N I was so panic.. Imdiattly I consulted my gynecologist... She v ll do a scaning... Thn in scan reports still thr is no heart beat.. M really tensed.. Dnt know wht do

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Answer: 6 weeks pe heart beat nahi aati h 10-15 din Baad fir se ultrasound krwaoge to aa jayegi Mujhe bhi 6 week pe bleeding ho gai thi,10 din Baad heartbeat bhi aa gai thi don't worry,take bed rest for few days
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    Priyanka Patil564 days ago

    But m also in 7th week only dea...

Answer: Mere sath bhi aisa hi hua Bleeding ki wajah se heart beat band ho gyi and mujhe dnc karwani pdi😢😢
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Question: I m in 7th week pregnancy wen I ll feel t heart beat of t baby.
Answer: Hydrate babies usually a developed heart beats in between 5 week of pregnancy to 8 week of pregnancy . Since you are 7 weeks pregnant your baby must have developed Heartbeat by now this you can get to know from the scan done.
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Question: Hello.. I m 11 weeks pregnant. Tody in ultra sonography dctr told me tht there is no heart beat and this is misscariage.. We need to remove this.. I m very sad. I dnt know wht to do
Answer: I would suggest plz take 2nd opinion before taking any decision.
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Question: Hello i m 8 weeks pregnant n i went for heart beat ultrasound for the baby.. But the doc said there is no heart beat yet nd fetus is not growing (still at 6 weeks) . She suggested to come after 10 days to check for heart beat. I m really tensed... How are the changes to get the heartbeat??
Answer: Hi this is the exact thing happened with me and doctor asked me to come after 15 days. And in next scan everything was good. So dont worry just take rest and eat proper food. All will be good.
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Question: I had c section on 23 April after delivery almost for 8 to 10 days i was bleeding thn it stopped for 5 to 7 days Thn again i started bleeding, its been 1 month 26 days i am bleeding. I consulted to doctor also she gave me 5 days medicine to stop. Nothing worked i m still bleeding, its not a heavy bleeding, bt still i have to use pad. What to do. Is it normal.
Answer: Hi even I had the same issue my doctor said no need to worry nothing serious n gradually it will stop. Now it has stopped for me I had a c section on Feb 21st.
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