19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi I m srijna I m in 17 weeks pregency but I don't feel baby movements and weight not gaining. what should I do

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Answer: even I too in same condition
Answer: I also have same condition
Answer: u will feel soon
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Question: I m 17 week pregency but i m not gaining weight till now any pblm
Answer: Plz meet gynecologist, nd have an ultrasound.... I will explain why.. Pregnancy weight gain has a direct impact on the health of the mother and the developing baby. At the beginning of pregnancy, check your Body Mass Index (BMI) and continue a healthy weight gain schedule accordingly. On an average, a pregnant women can gain 12 kg (8-16 kg) based on their BMI. This is not just the weight of the baby but also accounts for amniotic fluid, placenta, increased fat stores, blood etc. Here’s how the ideal pregnancy weight is distributed: Baby: 2 – 3.4 kg Amniotic fluid: 4 – 5.9 kg Placenta: 0.5 kg Uterus: 0.5 – 1.1 kg Breasts: 0.5 – 1.4 kg Increased volume of blood: 1 – 1.8 kg Fat stores: 1 – 3.6 kg Every month if pregnant woman gain 1-1.5kg it's good....I must say avoid faty food, more sugar, fried junk food etc Drink plenty of water Eat fruits rich in iron and folic acid especially in morning Walk on routine basis Eat dry fruits but not in night as it lead to uneccasary weight gain in night due to its digestion... Start desi ghee only at Ur 8 month onward not before that... All these steps give healthy pregnancy Generally, a mother who overeats during pregnancy and gains too much weight will have a bigger child; and bigger children are harder to birth vaginally. Bigger babies can lead to complications during childbirth, making the process more dangerous for baby and mother. Large babies can also trigger premature labor. (Interestingly, women who are underweight and have small babies also have a heightened risk of premature labor.) And finally, excessive weight gain during pregnancy does make it harder for a woman to get back into shape, which is a mental as well as physical health issue for a new mother. Being overweight or adding too many kilos during pregnancy can lead to complications such as high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, more stretch marks, birth defects or having a big baby. If u considered it valuable suggestion plz do like and share so that every pregnant lady get to know about this... Thanks for Ur time and consideration.....
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