6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, I'm having slight right abdomen pain and back pain.. is tat danger to my baby?

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Answer: Ya dear this is common. I also gone through such pain. my doctor said it is due to baby size increasing. It is infact a good thing that baby growing well 🤗😛. I know but discomfort was really killing me, so my doctor advise me to do warm compress. And sit by keeping legs up. It did give me some relief. Not complete. But try this. Surely some comfort u will get. Hope sister dis advice will help u.
Answer: No ,it won't effect.It is common during pregency.Take rest and be happy
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Answer: Dear that means your PCOD is still there. I hope you are maintaining healthy strict diet avoid oily food, junk food , sweets, tea, coffee in your regular diet. Also walked for 1 hour daily followed by 15 minutes Surya Namaskar Aasan. Healthy diet and active Lifestyle can help in this . Along with that you consult doctor and take medicine.
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Question: Good afternoon doctor I missed my period this month.. As I was having morning sickness these days I took pregnancy test and I got two lines one is dark and the other is light compared to the other... At times I'm getting some pain in the right side of the lower abdomen for some seconds.. Is there anything serious to worry??
Answer: Congratulations dear..yes tou are pregnant,and all these are your pregnancy symptoms..I would suggest you to get your first scan done in next week..the pain is mainly due to uterus expanding..so dnt worry .
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