14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi.. I'm having one personal question.actually I'm having some itching in my inside Virgina about 2 days. than feeling soreness after intercourse.today morning I just washed my Virgina and there is my dress thread comes from my Virgina. I'm feeling soreness in my inner Virgina.what I do? pls anybody help me. how to cure it with home remedy.? or it create any other problems? pls help me.

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Answer: I think you have urine infection drink lots of water. wear cotton panty only. consult with gyne.
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Question: Hello doc.im 33week pregnant.since 2days I'm having itching in vulvar region.what may be the reason?pls suggest remedies.does it hurt my baby?
Answer: Hii you are experiencing vaginal itching, it could be due to normal pH changes.Take baking soda baths to lower vaginal pH and finding relief from itching.Some women find cold compresses helpful in relieve vaginal itching.Good hygiene is the key to remain free from vaginal problems. Take baking soda baths. For this, prepare a paste of baking soda and water. Apply the paste on the itchy areas and wash after a few minutes. This will lower vaginal pH, giving you relief from itching.Having sexual intercourse is another remedy to relieve vaginal itching due to increased pH of the vagina. Male sperms are low on PH levels, thus, intercourse is recommended. But consult a doctor before having sex.Some women find cold compresses helpful in relieve vaginal itching. Good hygiene is the key to remain free from vaginal problems. Always keep your vaginal area clean and dry.After a bowel movement, wipe from front to back to prevent bacteria from entering the vagina.Stay away from vaginal douches.Use only fragrance-free soaps and laundry detergents.Wear loose clothes as tight clothes do not let air pass to the crotch.Avoid wearing nylon panties, wear cotton panties, especially white oness.Do not wear underwear at night as this increases airflow to the vagina.Avoid taking bubble baths or using other fragrant products on your crotch. These can cause irritation in the vagina and urinary tract. Take warm water bath instead.
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Question: I am 32 weeks pregnant I have ecoli infection in urine about greater than 10000, my doctor prescribed me norflaxcin 250 twice a day I took for 7 days now again I'm feeling light burning while peeing why is it so, why it didn't cure till now, and also I'm drinking lots of water. Will it create any problem for my baby
Answer: If you still feeling symptoms visit doctor for check up immediately. As you have low immunity during pregnancy it may need more time and treatments. Don't leave it uncured!
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Question: I had biscuit now....goodday biscuit...after having it...am getting pain in my tongue?? Can anybody pls help me with this
Answer: Dear it must be something normal so dont worry do some warm salt oil gargle or drink warm water it will get fine.
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