21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. I m feeling constant jaw pain and pain around nasal area.. unable to chew.. what should be done.. I m on hypertensive medications..

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Question: I feel constant itching in the area around my ankles and lower legs. I am not able to sleep properly because of that. Should I be concerned?
Answer: Hi,itching is very common in pregnant ladies it is due to hormonal changes Please avoid scratching You can apply aloe Vera Apply coconut water Apply cocoa butter. It will help As soon as you will deliver the baby your itching will go away. Take care
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Question: My wiffy feeling pain around the genital area she unable to walk with the pain what could be the reason and how the pain will reduce
Answer: Hello, dear during pregnancy , your body produces a hormone called relaxin which loosens the joints in the pelvis so that they can expand to make room for baby. So it causes pain. So its completely normal but can be very painful so avoid standing or sitting for long time. Always keep a pillow under your legs while sitting..
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Question: hi I m feeling so much pain on my hips area what can I do??
Answer: Hello! Here are ten steps to prevent and manage mild to moderate hip pain during pregnancy. Stay active,Stand tall,Use supportive props,Try exercise,Get chiropractic care,Investigate complementary and alternative medicinesGet in waterBook a therapeutic massage,Eat well,Get support
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