34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi I'm dibetic and even though my blood sugar level is not too high yet I'm worried about my child.I hope that my child will not be affected at any course as this is our frist child

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Answer: hello dear if your taking medications then dont worry your baby will not have nay affect..control your diet, no sugars, drink plenty of water, go for walking in morning and evening, and also proper rest
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    Teresa Osta842 days ago

    thanks yes I'm taking insulin but at this point of time I am unable to tk walksi have got sollen feet nd my baby's feet is down nd head is up so I get pain

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Question: I'm having gestational diabetes, my blood sugar level goes high only at night (140) , why?
Answer: During pregnancy, the placenta makes hormones that can lead to a buildup of glucose in your blood. Usually, your pancreas can make enough insulin to handle that. If not, your blood sugar levels will rise and can cause gestational diabetes. It is possible that hormonal levels are high and insulin made by your body isnt enough... Take these simple steps to hold off gestational diabetes: Eat healthy, low-sugar diet: Follow a meal plan made for someone with diabetes. Trade sugary snacks like cookies, candy and ice cream for natural sugars like fruits, carrots and raisins. Add vegetables and whole grains and watch portion sizes. Lose excess weight before you get pregnant: Doctors don’t recommend you lose weight during pregnancy. Dropping extra pounds before you get pregnant can make for a healthier pregnancy. Exercise throughout pregnancy: Start before you get pregnant if you’re planning for a baby. Aim for 30 minutes of moderate activity most days of the week. Running, walking, swimming and biking are all good options. Get appropriate prenatal care: Not only can your doctor screen you for this condition; she can offer advice on food, activity and weight loss. She can also point you to other health professionals, like nutritionists, that can help.
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Question: Hello, I'm in 31st week of pregnancy, I have blood sugar level 169, Is it too high ? How should i decrease sugar level ? Please suggest me.
Answer: Hello... The normal blood sugar level during pregnancy is or at below95 mg/dL, after one hour of meal is to be below140 mg/dL,after two hour of meal below 120 mg/dL,the difference in the values will consider as gestation diabetes Gestational diabetes is a condition in which a women without diabetes, will have higher blood sugar in pregnancy. Please don't get worried dear, It wiAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAll not harm your baby ,if you maintain a steady amount of sugar in your blood.with proper diet and exercise it can be controlled,and you will produce a healthy baby.... These are few stragies can be followed to control blood sugar Limit the intake of corbohydrate in your diet , avoid to have white rice ,you can have rice in millet varieties Include more proteins in your diet,that includes dairy products,lean chicken, fish , lentils, nuts and seeds Take lot of vegetables in your diet, avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes , peas ... Because it will increase the sugar level. Intake of fiber rich fruits like apples,pears , guava will help a lot,avoid banana, jackfruit ,mango will increase blood sugar level Avoid sugar, caffeine, soft drinks, pastries,oil fried food Exercise Regular exercise in pregnancy will keep your sugar in control,go for mild walk morning and evening Make yourself engaged in some activities Try maternity yoga, don't get stressed, relaxed and be happy, have a safe and happy pregnancy.. Thank you .
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Question: Baby is 4 months old.neck holding not complete, not rolling over yet. Hair is not growing much, same as at birth. Baby is having shiverings everyday even though he will be sweating. Anything to worry about?
Answer: Don't worry my baby hold his hand at 4and half month and after he starts to roll over
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Question: Hello, i m 33 weeks pregnant. My blood sugar level is high. How can i reduce my sugar level? On 23rd again sugar profile test will be there.
Answer: Imho mom to be, high blood sugar level is not good in pregnancy. But don't worry, concentrate on your diet and walk and exercise to control it and don't eat any sweetened food. It can cause gestational diabetes so keep tracking your blood sugar and take any medicines from doctor to control it. Take care
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