24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i m 6th mnth pregnant nd u hav got swelling on my face nd feet i knw its common symtom but help me to reduce my face swelling is there any medicine or home remedy to reduce it?

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Answer: Hi dear, Yes,it's common for the swelling during pregnancy.there is no medicine as such,but drink plenty of water to avoid any water retention.swelling of face and puffiness of eyes needs to be checked with doctor.as it could be sign of preclamsia .put cold compress on face for minor swelling.for leg swelling you should avoid standing in one place for long and also keep your legs on elevated place.
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Question: Hi..... I m having swelling on my face nd feet. What to do now? M worried
Answer: Hello dear U may experience swelling in the feet and face due to a sudden increase in weight as well as hormonal changes. Remedies : Soak your feet in cold (not icy) water for 15 minutes. This will help provide relief to the tingling, numbness and swelling
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Question: Any home remedy to cutr swelling as my feet got swell and it causes too much pain in feet joints ..
Answer: Raise your legs while lying down at the angle of 45degrees with the help of pillows. Around two pillows below your knee and 3 below your feet. It will help you alot with the swelling. Ask someone to give light massage to your feet also.
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Question: I have swelling on face due to abcess tooth... any home remedies for tooth pain and reduce swelling...
Answer: Gargle with salt hot water. dub cotton piece in clove oil and put it on tooth - damp a clean cloth in hot water and put on tooth and press it.
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