26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I'm 6 months pregnant.....I'm going frequent urination from yesterday and from yesterday my panty is wet when I observed...is their any leakage I'm little worried....please help me

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Answer: Well frequent urination is common now..and it is common that you could leak urine too .smell the discharge if it is of ammonia then it is urine only..
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    Rajitha Kamuni13 days ago

    How can I distinguish btwn urine and amniotic fluid

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Question: My baby is 6 months old , from yesterday she is doing green color potty and it's little thin . Why is this .
Answer: Hello dear,green poop is quite common in babies..my daughter used to have the same and doctor had told me that it is not map only..i just hav I breastfeed her from on breast completely before moving on to other.this actually helped in balancing the content in milk ..try this tip,you would see the difference 👍..
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Question: I feel less movement...I am little worried please help me
Answer: Don't take any risk if you feel less baby movement..consult your dr please
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Question: I'm having a little pain at my naval button area.. sometimes that is mostly after having dinner when I'm going to sleep..is there any problem.. because of covid I'm unable to go hospital..so kindly answer my question
Answer: Hello dear, I can understand as I also had the issue when I was pregnant. One of the most common reasons that your belly button hurts when pregnant is the internal change that occurs in your body. You may experience pain and soreness in and around your navel. Turmeric powder is a natural antiseptic. It also helps in killing the micro organisms. Hope this will help.
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