5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I'm 4th weak pregnant my dr is suggested me" beta hcg test "this test important or not

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Answer: Dear beta hcg test will detect the pregnancy and range of it so it's a very important test to know whether you are pregnant or not..
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    Puja K63 days ago


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Question: Hi my LMP is August 16 beta hcg test level 11.59 mlu/ml I'm pregnant or not pregnant plz tell
Answer: Hi! The levels according to your gestational week of 11 are too low, because at 9-12 weeks it should be 25,700-2,88,000 miu/cc.. Please show your report to your Dr. fr further information.. Good luck!
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Question: Hi my Beta HCG is 2400.Is I'm pregnant.
Answer: hi dear ! yes dear you are pregnant dear congratulations dear ! the value of beta hcg will keep on doubling every 48 hours dear. take care dear! i hope this information was helpful to you !
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Question: My beta hcg test report is <1.00 mIU/mL pls tell me i am pregnant or not
Answer: Hi no ur not pregnant... don worry try fr nxt month if u trying plz drink soymilk .. drink daily it will help n eat larg banana, badam
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Question: Hi my LMP August 16 but beta hcg level 11.59mlu/ml I'm pregnant or not pregnant plz tell me
Answer: It's negative result for such a long period.
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