36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi. I m 36 weeks of pregnant. My baby weight is 2kg100gm. I m so much worried. Plz suggest something

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Answer: hi dear approx weight of baby at 36 weeks should be 2.6 kg . so yeah sure baby weight is a bit less. but don't worry you can definitely increase your baby weight now . start having 500 ml of milk in entire day at protein powder in it and have it. also I dry fruits fruits in your diet especially banana helps in increasing baby weight . have small male in every 2 hour don't have whole mail at once but break your meal in every 2 hours. protein helps in increasing baby weight so having 2 egg white will also help have pulses too.
Answer: Hi In 36 weeks baby weight should be atleast 2600gms which means baby is less in weight..Do take more protein and calcium rich diets like milk and all dairy products,fish,egg,cereals,dry nuts and fruits..do take something every 4 hours like solids or nutritious liquids or healthy snacks so baby gains good health and growth..take care
Answer: Start having carrot n beetroot juice, plus add lentil soups in your lunch and dinner, protine intake will help to gain baby weight. Dont worry try to relax instead of taking pressure of babys weight
Answer: The weight of the baby is fine. Don't take stress it will be fine. Just concentrate on healthy diet or I would say on the food which you and your baby loves the most. Just enjoy this phase 😊
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Question: Hi m 36 weeks pregnant and my baby weight is 2491gram ....is this normal weight of my baby?
Answer: Hello dear, at 36 weeks your baby weighs approximately 2.6kgs...but your baby seems to be underweight...so to increase the weight of the baby please eat sufficient amount of protein rich foods like eggs, paneer, cheese, chicken, fish.. include butter and ghee in your food... Eating almonds, beans, white channa, peanuts, fruits like chikku, Banana, butter fruit also helps in increasing the baby's weight..
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Question: I m 36 weeks pregnant....i have so much acidity at night.....and becoz of it so much pain also....is it labour pain aur something else???
Answer: Hi it is due to acidity only. Try to have plenty of water, less spicy food and take butter milk and fennel seeds after meals for easy digestion.
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Question: Hi I am 36 week pregnant now my baby weight is 2668 GM's now it is normal r underweight?plz tell me how to increase my baby weight I m so much worried
Answer: The baby weight at this gestation is good. Do not worry. In the next two weeks he will gain rapid weight.
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