31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. I'm 31 weeks pregnant.. I'm much comfortable in sleeping in right side than left.. Whether it is a problem.?

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Answer: Hi dear.. it's always better to sleep in left lateral position with a pillow placed in between knees.. in this position the uterus is kept off the maternal inferior vena cava and the right iliac artery. ... This position also increases the return blood flow to the heart, and raises cardiac output
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Question: Hi.. I'm not a side sleeper. But many people saying me to sleep on sides(Left side would be much better). I'm not feeling asleep while I'm sleeping on sides. I'm very much comfortable in sleeping on my back. Will that be a problem?
Answer: Now it's not a problem because u are only 15 weeks your baby also will be very small but after 25 weeks it is necessary to sleep only at sides u must not sleep on your back it will decrease space for baby to move and cause many problems for baby. U have to surely change your sleeping position for the sake of your baby
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Question: Hi doctor I'm 26 weeks pregnant women!!! Why need to sleep on left side rather than right side ?
Answer: Actually in left side our internal body parts don't get pressed and it also give a proper supply to baby Vains. In right it will be a bit ok but not as good as in left. Don't sleep straight at all .
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Question: Hi I'm 19 weeks pregnant is it good to sleep on right side
Answer: Sleeping on sides is ok during pregnancy but try to sleep on your left as it help in proper flow of nutrients and oxygen to baby. Hope it helps.
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