32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi... I m 31 weeks pregnant and I m having swelling In my legs and hands.also I m having ankle pain also feeling pain in making fist...what should I do to reduce pain and swelling???

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Answer: Also take walks in pool/water which will help reduce pressure and reduce ankle pain and swelling. Lie on you left side and sit comfortably leaning to a pillow and legs up
Answer: Keep your legs higher than thighs, don't sit in chairs and sofa with legs down. It will help reduce swelling
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Question: I am 9 weeks pregnant feeling much stomach pain and having back pain also please suggest me what to do
Answer: If u can't bear stomach pain then u sud consult with your doctor. Nd, back pain is normal.
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Question: I have to much pain and swelling in my legs...what can I do..?
Answer: Try to keep ur lower limbs elevated so that swelling will subside.. Don't worry..
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Question: I'm 28 weeks pregnant , there is swelling in my legs (foot) & in my palm also , & little pain in my ankle portion. What's the reason & how it'll cure
Answer: Hi,don't worry it's completely normal in pregnancy most of the women get the swelling...the reason is your uterus is growing thats why it happen....you will cure it while sleeping put your legs up like on a pillow..n sleep...In my pregnancy I also do this n my swelling is gone..n ya try to avoid sitting n standing in the same position change it in every 30 minutes
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