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Question: Hi i lost my pregnancy after 6 month due to high bp and baby not growing properly when i will consive next time what can i do for safe delivery

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Answer: Was that a C-section at 6 the month?
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Question: how to control high BP some time high and some time normal in 6 month pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear during pregnancy bp can be high and low. So you have to maintain good diet like in high bp less your salt intake and drink more fluids. Avoid stress. 7 to 8 hours sleep is necessary. Fried foods are not good so try to avoid it. Do breathing exercise and yoga for lower your stress level.
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Question: I consive after 7 months of ciserial delivery is it safe I have more complications in my last delivery & also suffured eclampsia disease and I lost my baby in delivery time bcoz I have strocs & bp high that time
Answer: Hello dear. As you had all those complications I would suggest you to consult gynae to understand if this pregnancy is healthy to continue. They are the best judge to decide when it comes to such cases. Hope it helps.
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Question: Pls suggest me..when can we do intercourse sex through out pregnancy..Will it be safe or not? And also advise from when we can do after delivery?
Answer: If you don't have any pregnancy complications it is safe to hv sex...untill and unless the doctor has advised to avoid sex theres is no problem in intercourse ...just be careful with your sex positions...dnt put pressure in the belly...the foetus is protected by the amniotic fluid and thick muscles of uterus....and the mucus plug in the cervical opening also prevents any infections to the baby...so relax and enjoy ur sexual life...during pregnancy it is good to have sex... Aftr delivery it is good to have intercourse atleast after 3 months.... For C-sec delivery...leave a gap of 6 months...
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