9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i hd my lmp on24 jun...n after dat in last week of july i tested on preganews it gv negative dn again on 3aug.it gav positive ....doc took my ultrasound on10 n said to come again after one week....so will d heartbeat come so early....????n what should b my edd????

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Question: Hello...i hd my lmp on 24jun n on 28july i did pregnancy test it was negative dn again i did d test on 3aug.it gv positive ...same day i went to doc n she asked to come on 10 fr ultrasound...dere ws no heartbeat in sonography so she asked to again cm after a week ...so is everything ok n when will heart beat come in ultrasound....please answer doctor...im vry worried cause earlier i hd 2miscarriges...
Answer: Hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy .it's completely fine if u didn't get to hear ur baby heartbeat. As there is still a lot option to see it till 10 week as baby heartbeat are so low that sometime it missed getting detect.most women who are heavy and some who have scar tissue dont get to hear the heart beat until around 12 weeks. so nothing to worry and visit doctor as per define.  All the best. 
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Question: My last period I got on 16th June 2018 so accordingly my next due date was on 16th July .I tested on 17th July my test was negative and missed my period and again tested on 6th August it was positive So how many weeks currently my baby is?
Answer: Weeks will be counted from your last period date. So if it last period was on 16th June 2018, then you are 9 weeks and 6 days pregnant.
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Question: My lmp is 2 oct n i did preganews test early morning on 10 nov n it was positive with two dark lines.but for some reason i did it again toay on 11 nov in the evening but now line is little light pink in color not dat dark like previous day.y so
Answer: Dear the test should always be done with early morning first urine. The test later in the days aren't accurate. And once you have tested positive it means you are pregnant. Get ur beta hcg test done which would show the growth of ur pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Question: I tested my upt on 4 week, it shows positive. Mild bleeding was there. Again conducted upt after two weeks, it shows neg. Why it happen so
Answer: Could have been a chemical pregnancy
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