7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I have very dark yellow urine what is reason

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Answer: Hi dear, Dark yellow urine could be either due to dehydration or due to some medication.drink plenty of water to see the difference.prenatal vitamins could give urine yellow colour.
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Question: hi...am 3months pregnant ..when i pass urine it was very dark yellow in colour..wt is tge reason
Answer: Hello dear 2 reasons are there for dark urine 1st is Urine infection. If you have itching and burning sensation while passing urine then it is infection. Second due to medicine urine can be pass in yellow colour that is normal.
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Question: my urine was very dark in yellow is it normal
Answer: Hello! Dark yellow urine could mean a sign of dehydration. Please have plenty of fluids to avoid it. Also it could be due to any multi vitamin supplement, if you are taking. In both the cases, please drink plenty of water.
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Question: mujhe kl se dark yellow urine ho rhi ??ky reason hai yellow urine hone ka
Answer: Hi. Pani kam pine se urinee yellow hota hai. Ap apne eyes or nails bhi check kariye agar ye bhi yellow hain to aap doctor se miliye.
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