35 weeks pregnant mother

Hi i have urine infection what i do for cure ???

Hi,try this. Drink adequate water. Maintain good hygeine,wipe the area always from.feont to back.kepp it dry.wear only cotron uugs.this will help
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Question: Hi I m 28week pregnant I have urine infection & urine smell stronger what can I do
Answer: Go to ur doctor she ll give you medicine..dont neglect your health in such a crucial phase...
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Question: I have urine infection, what i do avoid?
Answer: Hi dear, drink more warm water frequently and consult your doctor for a infection tablet
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Question: Dr told me I have urine infection what to do
Answer: Hello Dear Urine infection is common in pregnancy dont worry have Dr. prescribed meds.. Apart from medication; *Please take ample of bed rest. Don't strain yourself. Make sure you drinks lots of water and wash your vaginally area thoroughly and pat it dry everytime you urinate. *Cranberry juice really helps in flushing out infection. *Drink loads of water and tender coconut, buttermilk- lots of fluids in short. Take care!
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