18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi .. I have pcod .. took treatment for that .. before 8 months had a miscarriage in 2nd month ... Now i am again 5 pregnant ... Now i am using susten tablets ... Can i use it or stop it .. please help me

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Answer: You should keep taking them. Do not start or stop any medicine without consulting with your doctor first.
Answer: Plz do consult your doctor. It's safe to take your gynecologist advice for this
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Question: Hi ,.. i am 5th month pregnant .... I am using susten tablets .. can i continue it or stop it ..? Please help me
Answer: Hi.. Dear it should not be used during later stages of pregnancy (later part of 2nd trimester and the 3rd trimester). I am not sure why you have been having it? However, you should not take any medicine without consulting your gynaecologist..
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Question: I have had a miscarriage before 3 months and now I am 4 week pregnant?...i am very nervous because of the previous miscarriage...need ur suggestion
Answer: Hi dear.. Don't take tenss, inform ur doc about ur previous miscarriage so that she can prescribe you some medication. Take a healthy diet, avoid long journey.. avoid papaya, pineapple, sesame seeda in ur diet.. include more fruits and green vegetables. drink more water.m don't lift weights.. Don't Intercourse for at least 4months.. take care
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Question: I had 2nd miscarriage before one and half month....... When can we have sex now.....
Answer: Hello dear. Once you are healed you can start having sex. You can try conceiving after 3 months of miscarriage. Hope it helps.
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Question: I have had a period problem before, so I have shown the doctor many times that it is okay for a few months. But whenever I stopped eating medicine, then again it was a problem. So my last pirode was in September. Now I'm taking a doctor's medicine. I am not having a period. Please, please help me
Answer: Hello dear. There is nothing that can be done. I wouod suggesy you to consult another gynae and get a second opinion if the medications aren't working. Usually periods are irregular due to hormonal imbalance. And to correct the hormonal imbalance you can take help from natural ways to improve your fertility. First natural way is to eat healthy fats. Stay away from fried foods, margarine and certain types of chips and crackers. Second is start meditation. It is a proven method to relax and boost your fertility. Third is Eat more omega-3s and cut down on omega-6s. Diets high in omega-6 fats are inflammatory, whereas diets balanced with omega-3 fats are not. Fourth is getting more vitamin D. Fifth is doing exercises and keeping ur body fit. Sixth is getting a good amount of sleep which actually plays an important role in keeping you healthy. All these should help you in achieving hormonal balance and boost your fertility. Hope i helped.
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