12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi ..I have started rashes under lower private part..pls can anybody advice??

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Answer: Try coconut oil daily before slerp and , , before bath,
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Question: My baby girl have severe itching in private part from last ngt pls advice me
Answer: Hi dear, Wash the private parts with water many times.it could be due to the acidic content in urine.it could.also be due to diaper rash.in some cases it could be due to urine infection.so observe how it goes .give lot of fluid and avoid diaper for a day.
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Question: My girl baby was affected by rashes in private part... what can i do?
Answer: Hi dear, Even my girl baby was suffering from same. Try applying coconut oil. If rashes are serious try practo gaurd tube
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Question: I am into 9th of pregnancy, I got rashes in my lower private part how to get rid of it ?
Answer: Maintain hygine...don't use panty alaways wipe front to back after using washroom n u can use surfaz oinment on external area
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