28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, I have started iron tab from past 1 month and due to which I'm suffering from constipation and bleeding in stool. I have stopped taking iron tab now, but still there is bleeding in stool please suggest me what do I do. Thanks

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Answer: Please don't stop eating iron tablet. That is a must. If this iron tablet is not suiting u, tell ur doctor abt this, she will prescribe u iron tablet of some other brand. Bt don't skip any medicine that is given by doctor, otherwise it will effect ur baby only.
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Question: I'm 13weeks & i have just started taking iron tablet.I'm having nausea and vomiting after taking tab.
Answer: have vitamine c food like lemon or orange in diet.
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Question: I am 18 week pregnant. I have constipation problem. I stopped taking iron calcium still constipation pro is there.I have pain in abdomen , back and also feels cramps
Answer: Drink more water. Eat dry grapes in the morning ma and eat bananas.
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Question: I'm 14week pregnant and suffering from constipation and difficulty during motions due to hard stool what to do
Answer: Avoid fried foods,sugary items..introduce high fibre rich foods like fruits,veggies,whole grains..increase ur intake of fluids.soak the area in warm water tub for 10min to relieve from pain..always keep the area clean..start ur day with warm liquids..
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