17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi... I have spotted a blood stain on my panty but not sure if its a blood stain as my panty was dark colored. I am worried 😟. Plz suggest

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Answer: If you are not sure then you should not worry...
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Question: Hi all. I spotted vaginal bleeding in my baby 4 r 5 times a day then i contacted hosp.. they said its not much important bt im worried lot.. pls help me frndz
Answer: No need to worry, my baby also spotted with same problem for 3 days.when i ask dr they reply it's not major problem it's bcoz of mother . As we bleed same way baby will and it's for some days.
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Question: During my nt scan my baby was not in the right position.. I went 4 days to took scan but it is not successful.. my baby was either upside down or showing its back or closing the face.. my doctor advised me to take scan again on 15 to 16 weeks.. am I worried a lot. Is dis normal.. can someone tell pls
Answer: Yes..sometimes baby changes position and it gets difficult to detect all organs. Nothing to worry
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Question: Hi Doc, I had a normal delivery. My baby is 7 month old and I still have back pain whenever I lift baby or when I sleep on the floor and while getting up but I dont have pain otherwise. I had episiotomy and took epidural. I am not sure if these are causing my back pain. Is it normal to have backpain after 6 months of normal delivery. Please suggest
Answer: Have milk 2 times in a day.. maintain proper posture.. if u r feeding feed in sleeping position.. dont stand too much.. walk for sometime.. have proper food.. Take care... Back pain is very common issue after delivery..just take rest as much as u can... Tc
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