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Question: Hi, i have one kid 4.6 years old. Now i am planning to get second baby. My last periods march 12 th 2019. Please advise. I am 37 years old. If possible to get natural conceive.

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Answer: Hi,yes it is possible to conceive naturally if your health condition is normal. You need to consult a gynecologist to get proper supplements before planning for a baby. As you know very well Folic acid plays an important role in pregnancy so you can start taking Folic acid supplements before getting pregnant . Your husband also can start taking zinc supplement as per age. But if you have issues like obesity,high BP, thyroid , diabetes ,then it will be a little difficult. Don't worry keep trying, it may take 5 to 6 months or years long to conceive.
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Question: Hello mam I am 26 years old planning for first baby but I have pcos and irregular periods problem is it possible to conceive if u have pcos?
Answer: Hi dear, PCOD is a life style based syndrome.usually women find quite difficult to conceive woth PCOD.they are prone to get diabetes and bp issues too.but with proper diet and lifestyle change you can definitely get pregnant and have easy delivery.include active lifestyle by exercising whole grains,complex carbs like brown rice,whole wheat flour,oats,quinoa.protein rich diet would make sure you have slow rise in sugar.lesa salt in diet could help control high bp.consult your doctor before planning for pregnancy.....
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Question: My age is 37 years old, Iam planning for second baby since one year, but I didn't get pregnancy.
Answer: hi mum don't worry you are just 37 so there are more chances to get pregnant so you don't need to worry about this it would be good if you consult a doctor and take full body checkup once because there might be more changes can happen in our health everyday so so it is good if you consult the doctor and follow the advisor which will help you to get conception
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Question: Am 34 years old my periods was irregular. After my first delivery am obese now. My question is tat if it is possible to get second pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear. Reach your ideal weight before getting pregnant. Consult a gynaecologist and take hormone medications to regularise your periods. Take vitamin supplements before getting pregnant itself. Keep your bp, sugar And thyroid levels balanced
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