9 months old baby

Question: hi I have 9 months daughter n I am pregnant again so doctor asked me not to breastfeed my daughter anymore so we started giving her formula from 3 days n from 2 days she is pooping slight white beige colour I am very worried about it.

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Answer: Hii this is true that potty color get affected with that bay eat or drink. May be color got change due to fm but Nothing to worry. This color is also a sign of healthy baby. Try to feed more of solid or semi solid to baby. So that till the time u will have next baby ur first baby will be habitual of eating normal food. And u will not be stressed u in that situation.
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    firdouse begum679 days ago

    Thank you so much

Answer: White color cud b bcoz of reaction to formula milk or bcoz of any infection....consult ur doc once...is ur baby also taking liquid/semi solid food?
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    firdouse begum680 days ago

    Yes she is taking solids 3 times from 6 months

Answer: Ohh white color means something infection so better consult with your paediatrician
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Question: hi all I have 9 months old daughter n I am pregnant again so doctor asked m not to breastfeed her so we started on formula but I dono how much quantity should i give her as she is new to it..
Answer: Hi dear let me tell u one thing whenever we goes for the formula docs always give some instructions about the quantity I.e. about 30:1 that means 30 ml water contains 1 spoon of formula It's the ideal quantity of formula powder
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Question: My daughter is 5month 20days Old..... I have started her with solids from one Week...... I m giving her ragi porridge... N she is pooping every alternate.. Day....... Its OK and can I start with carrot puree n fruits now?
Answer: Hi! First you should hv started solida after completion of 6 months, but since u hv already started it cant be undone, Ragi can cause constipation in babies, and u can offer fruits and veggies puree in his diet now, carrot purre specially help in easing the bowel and poop may hv the color of carrot, dont worry its all normal.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is going to b 9 months n I started giving her cow milk from d time she was 4months...she was ok with it n had no problem in digestion etc so I continued. Wanted to know is it safe for her? M not able to breastfeed her now cos my milk is not coming anymore...So I continued giving her cow milk. Will it effect her development cos I just read an article abt it on fb. Pls suggest
Answer: Hi ma'am I would suggest not to start cow milk before baby complete one year because cow milk have extra protein and minerals which a infant may not handle, sometimes they do but you should choose the option which is right for baby according to age.. So it is suggested that you should continue with Breast milk or Formula milk. If you cannot feed her then you can express your milk and store or you can switch to Formula milk. I hope my answer will help you. Take care
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Question: Hi, my daughter is 6 m 10 days old, from wen can i start giving regular milk to her, since she doesn't drink formula milk n bm is not sufficient nowadays, i am giving her rice twice a day
Answer: Hie I would say. Wait for a couple of months Untill your baby turns 1 As your babys digestive system is immature and might not be able to digest cows milk at this point How ever you can offer your baby other calcium rich sources such as Yougurt -add fruits to it to up the nutrition value Paneer - homemade are the best and soft as well Ragi - is a rich source of calcium and iron
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