3 months old baby

Question: Hi..I have 3 month old baby.. I didn't get periods 2month.. I had unprotected sex.. Is there any chance to get pregnant again.

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Answer: The chances of getting pregnant is very high dear. Even if periods are absent ovulation will take place. So better be careful.
Answer: Yes there are still high chances if even you have no periods
Answer: Get urself checked
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Question: Over with my periods yesterday. .had unprotected sex today. .chance to get pregnant. .?
Answer: I think you will enjoy unprotected sex after 5days of periods u will not get pregnant.after 5th days u have to use protection to not get pregnant
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Question: Ma baby is 3 months old...I had periods after 40 days..after that i didn't get periods...is there any chance of having pregnant without getting periods???
Answer: Its not possible i think so because u had delivered before 3 months.so there is less chance to get pregnent.Anyway go to ur gynec .if not its fine try to use supplements to avoid pregnency.
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Question: I have 2 months old baby i had unprotected sex is there any chance to get pregnancy
Answer: Yes, if you have done it, near the ovulation period. There are 100% chance. So, better get it tested . And from next time use protection , if you don't want to get pregnant so early
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