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Question: Hi I have missed my period by 5 days.It has never happened before. I took a home pregnancy test and it came out to be negative. By when should I take it for accurate results.

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Answer: You have to check again after 3-4 days more.. Please like my answer
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Question: I took a pregnancy test after 3 days of missed period but it came out negative..but i have some pregnancy symptoms.what to do
Answer: Hi dear, You have tested little must wait for 1 week post missed period.only by then your pregnancy hormones would rise enough to show positive result.also check with first urine in morning,that time the level of hormones are maximum.
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Question: Hi All, my last periods were due on 27th dec. But i missed it nd took pregnancy test yesterday nd it came out negative.. What i should do?? This has never happened before i hav never missed my periods. Should i wait for some more days to take pregnancy test again
Answer: Hi, You need not to take pregnancy test again.Now a days woman are facing a serious issue called hormonal imbalance. Eat healthy food and try to have more warm liquids in your diet. And also exercise regularly. Consult to a gynic and have a normal check up and plan for pregnancy.
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Question: Hi last period was on 13th sept..i took a home pregnancy test on 16th october and it came out to be positive then i took the next test on 22nd october and it came out to be negative. I did not get my periods till now. Am i possibly pregnant or not? Should i take the test ones more?
Answer: Why you go for a home pregnancy test You can also do the kit pregnancy test go for it and then consult with your gyne
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